Giving Adobe XD a 2nd Chance

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Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they? I’ve been using Figma for a while and have generally been happy with it. However, I also love to try new software. Adobe XD is a design tool that I discarded due to being unable to make the components I needed. I have been watching their “what’s new” page and feel like they just added some features that are worth taking a second look.

The most important, I believe, is the fixed elements and overlays. Check out this video. Smart stuff.

One other factor was their pricing is more inline with Figma where you can start for free.

After a relatively smooth installation (despite a misleading progress bar), I launched the program on Windows 10. Almost instantly it crashed. No fix. OK, well I guess that experiment is over. I believe the problem is that I am using Insider Preview builds (Beta versions of Windows).

Sometimes, I think I should just bite the bullet and switch to a Mac. Figma works better on a Mac. Invision Studio is only available on a Mac. Sketch is only on a Mac. Even Microsoft Office is working pretty well on a Mac these days. Why do I keep using Windows? I suppose the price is better and there are more hardware options. Also, I know the system pretty well and am used to all the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe, it’s just inertia.

This is the first time I have seriously thought about switching. I’m still not there, but it’s a pretty serious thought. In the meantime, “Hey Adobe! Make your program not crash!”

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