GMail is freaking me out

I need your help.  It will just take a second.

Problem:  I think people are sending me mail which is not arriving at GMail.  It’s not in the spam folder either.

Could you help me?

  1. Send me a mail to glen {at}  No content needed.  Subject: can be any word you choose.
  2. Post a comment on this page with the subject word you chose.

I will match your email with the post and see how long it took to send.  I’ll post a comment when I receive the message.

Thank you for helping me.  I appreciate your time.  Ok, Email me now.

12 replies on “GMail is freaking me out”

Strange, I had the same experience a day ago. I received emails message who was posted on the beginning of July…
I’ve got a Gmail account for more than a year now.

Whatya think?