Goodbye New York Jets

Superbowl III was played in 1969. Broadway Joe Namath guaranteed the win and came through. It was a miracle moment for fans of the Jets. I was born a few years later and grew up in the shadow of that glorious moment.

I was a Jets fan, hoping that one day, another Joe Namath would lead the Jets to victory in the SuperBowl. We got close and had some great moments. In 2000, Vinnie Testaverde manufactured the greatest comeback ever on Monday Night Football. I watched the whole thing from my bed. (It was 1 am when it finished)

We made the AFC Championship game several times, but in my lifetime, the Jets have failed to ever get back to the SuperBowl. They have gotten close, only to disappoint me at the last second. Yet, I remained a fan. I was not a fair weather fan. I stuck with them.

Even when the Patriots and Tom Brady started kicking our asses for a decade, I hung in there. Even with the Mark Sanchez butt-fumble, I hung in there. Even with Dan Marino’s fake spike play, I hung in there. I stayed because a fan stays.

And then I heard this news.

Woody Johnson Takes On Role as Fund-Raiser for Donald Trump.

A while back, I heard the news about the CEO of Barilla pasta being severely anti-gay. I voted with my pocketbook and decided to stop buying Barilla pasta, even though it was my favorite. So now, when I heard about Woody Johnson and Trump, I felt like it was the last straw. Woody Johnson inherited his fortune and hasn’t really done much with his life. He has mostly just amassed more money and avoided paying taxes. I’ve looked the other way for 16 years (since he bought the Jets in 2000), but enough is enough.

I don’t care about any of the Jets players. I don’t respect the coaching staff. I don’t respect the owner. I don’t enjoy watching the games. Almost 5 decades is enough. I give up.

I am no longer a fan of the New York Jets.

I am unsubscribing from DirecTV Sunday Ticket. I probably will not watch the San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders (even though the Raiders are doing well this season). I think I will stop watching football altogether. It is a pretty violent sport and truthfully, I enjoy watching tennis more.

This is permanent and non-negotiable.

This likely will mean that the Jets win the Superbowl next year. I have that kind of luck. I won’t complain, though.

Good bye, sweet Jets. Good bye.

Whatya think?