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I saw that Google released 3.0 of its browser.  I checked out the list of the features, thinking “Hey, if they went to 3.0 then it must be something big!”  Look at the list.  It has virtually nothing.  Its a few bug fixes.  Why do people bother with numbers?  Why not just call it Chrome 182.2?  Who cares about 2.0 or 3.0 if you just change the rev willy nilly?

Does it matter?  This is the question I keep asking myself.  For some reason I feel like they are cheating and that makes me mad.  However, it’s just a name, what different does it make?

Does it matter that Quicken 2010 will come out in the fall of 2009?  Does it matter when the 2010 cars come out?  It just feels stupid.  It’s like having something cost $99 istead of $100.  This is all a bunch of marketers thinking they are clever by trying to eke out another 0.01% of marketer share.

I get the psychology behind it, but it’s just wrong.  Its morally unethical.  We don’t need to trick people.  We should just build better software.  Maybe we should name software by the date it comes out.

Google Chrome 05/28/09.  I like it better.



  1. If it didn’t work (or at least worked in the past), they wouldn’t do it. Who is supposed to be concerned with quality, when everything is designed around the bottom line. And if quality brings money, so be it. But if you can get the money an easier way than they will do that to. And it is not just the company those only cares about money, but also the individuals. I’m sure Google is tracking downloads of Chrome and if the project managers can increase the downloads (and perhaps their bonuses) by calling it Chrome 3.0 than that is what they will do. (of course you know all this, but I sometimes like to babble).

    One of the fundamental faults of capitalism is that quality, honestly, or transparency are not goals, but tools that some organizations/people may choose if they see fit. It bothers me that 2010 cars have already been selling for months. It bothers me that the new Windows isn’t going to be a free upgrade for those with Vista. But we (or most of us) are suckers. I bought a bottle of Pepsi “throwback” even though I don’t drink cola anymore, but because of I was sold on the idea that it was less syrupy. And it was, but it also tasted like “nothing”, which was kinda odd. But did you know that Combos is the official cheese filled snack for NASCAR. Run out a get some. Sorry to run on, but it reminds of when I used to work at Penn, Schoen and we found out that Papa John’s was suing Dominoes after Dominoes said it had fresher vegetables. And Domino’s legal defense was that it was puffary, meaning that their claims were so ridiculous that nobody could have reasonable taken it literally. The same as Chevy being “a rock”. Clearly they can’t be sued because everyone knows it isn’t true. And that was Domino’s defense, “our lies must be so obvious that we are not accountable”.

  2. At Marketo, I have try to use my influence for quality, honesty, inspiration and transparency. Look at our website, versus the competitors (google the phrase “Marketing Automation”.) We put videos on our site of the application for free. We put pictures and tons of freely available info. Our community and knowledge base is 100% available to everyone even the competition.

    The competition has none of that, it’s secret, secret, secret.

    It’s just one startup, but its better than nothing.

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