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Google ranks pages according to really strange algorithms.  I don’t do any active SEO on my blog.  However, Google ranks me very high for certain searches.  They often distract me from understanding my traffic.  See illustration below:

You can see all the traffic in the middle was when my posts on Windows 7 and Office 2010 were driving a huge amount of traffic.  I removed the pages from Google and the traffic dropped.  Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.  Maybe I should have just laden those pages heavily with Google Adwords.

Now on the right, you see that big spike?  It’s for a search query called “The Alphabet Trick”.  I had written a post on helping people remember names or words when they are on the tip of your tongue.  Apparently, the urban dictionary also defines this as “When you draw letters with your tongue while making out with someone or eating a girl out”.  This was originally proposed by Sam Kinnison in a comedy bit.

That post is 8 months old.  Why did they increase the rankings of it yesterday?  What was special about yesterday that Google would bump this up?  How the heck does Google work anyway?

What should I do?  It’s not my fault “lick the alphabet” morphed into “the alphabet trick”.  That traffic is bizarre.  Putting Google Adwords on it is not quite right.  Maybe I could ask Google to de-index that page?  Why am I stressing about the traffic to my site?  Why can’t I just ignore it?  I’m becoming a traffic-neurotic.


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  1. I find it very strange that you would even consider de-listing a page. I also was surprised to hear that you removed posts in order to decrease how much traffic you get.

    Why on earth do you dislike visitors?

    Are you paying by the byte or something?

    Even if the traffic is off-topic, the chances of someone being in that traffic that also likes your post and maybe turns into a subscriber is well worth it.

    Even if nobody cared about the page the ended up landing on, it’s still no reason to de-list it unless you are somehow being ‘harmed’ by it, and I just don’t see how that’s possible 🙂

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