Google Office (Online)

The technology is getting better and better.  Google is announcing a version of PowerPoint and Wiki software in the next few weeks/months.  I think this is a turning point for the industry.  I have already started using Google Spreadsheets and have been a paying customer of Picasa.  We just switched our entire family calendar to Google Calendars.  I haven’t used their Word Processor yet, but I should definitely try it.  The wiki software completes a circle of online collaboration and office productivity software.  Like the Spreadsheet version, they are all more limited than their desktop brethren, but they do allow the 90% of features that people use most of the time.  I wonder how quickly this 90%-feature (but it’s online) model will grow?

Certainly the price is right.  There is room to grow, for sure.  Picasa doesn’t support Google Analytics, for example.  Neither does Google Documents or Calendar.  The model is changing.  It’s no longer local hard drive versus “the internet cloud”.  It is becoming more and more a difference of security.  What is shared with just Katie?  What is shared with the whole world?

The times, they are a changing.  This latest news is part of a glacial tide engulfing all technology.

Whatya think?