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Somebody at Google is trying to confuse me.  They keep moving the Google Reader link.

Sometimes, its in the menu and sometimes it’s at the top.  I can’t deal with buttons moving.  Is that lame?  Ok, maybe.

I wish Google would consider some more advanced UI for stuff like this.  Check out this basic EXT combobox.  Now imagine the above UI using it.  You could use the keyboard, you could type in what you want and get auto-suggest, you could use the basic trigger.  It would make a more nuanced and powerful experience.

Some may say that simplicity is the hallmark of Google’s success and there is alot to be said that.  However, I think that simplicity on the search page doesn’t always translate to simplicity on the links at the top of gmail.  If you look at Google Analytics, there are plenty of RIA UI components.  Overall, I like gmail better than Hotmail or Yahoo mail, but I think there are spots where a richer UI would be an improvement.


Whatya think?