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This morning Katie told me a great story about herself while brushing her teeth. It was very funny and she was very animated. However, she refused to sign tghe waiver which would allow me to record the story for posterity. This is a general loss for the entire internet. It was that good.

So if you need a laugh this morning … you have come to the wrong place.

Other stuff: Alot of hype lately about Web 2.0, which basically means a new wave of richer applications. Check out from Microsoft for one example.

Some are touting Ajax and the idea that you can have a richer app by changing the communication model with the server. Some are looking to Adobe/Macromedia to make Flash the UI of the future. Some are looking to XAML from Microsoft to give developers a new canvas to draw upon.

I find all of the technologies to be exciting and irrelevant. This thought needs to bake in my mind more. Stay tuned.

However, one point. I believe it is the job of an Intgeraction Designer to think about the experience of the Engineers, as well as the experience of the User. One constant, I have experienced, is change. Applications change, requirements change, life changes. It is critical that an application be built to handle change. Abstract thinking and object-oriented design are critical to make sure that change is welcome.

Interaction Design is an evolving practice. Implementation based on expected change will allow the UI to evolve and improve.


Whatya think?