Great Copy Writing Example

I get alot of spam, but this one really caught my attention. It has great copy writing and is funny. I don’t want the product, but I figured I should share it anyway just for good technique. The tip here is avoid being too “professional”. Be creative and unique.

Here is the email copy:


It pains us greatly to find out that you must have been eaten by alligators.

We’ve been offering to buy you lunch for a while, an offer that you haven’t taken us up on. It’s a well known fact that the only people to turn down free lunch must have been recently and viciously eaten by alligators.

We’ll miss you dearly but if somehow you have survived, feel free to use the code ALLIGATORS at to get your free lunch.


All our love,
Mark & the Farm Hill Family

PS. Here’s what you could be eating today if, you know, an alligator hadn’t eaten you first. 🙁


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