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I work with some great engineers.  One in particular is fantastic, named Crash.  He is a backend guy, doesn’t touch the UI much.  A demo to him is all accomplished at the command prompt.  He said something yesterday that was abaolutely brilliant and summed up my admiration for him.

When I add a new feature, I try to leave the code base smaller than when I found it.

How awesome is that?  It speaks to the Zen principles of simplicity.  Less can yield more.

Once I asked Crash for the letter X.  He provided me the whole alphabet in multiple languages just in case I needed a few more letters.  Consistently, he thinks past the short term requirements and achieves much more than what is asked.  He produces extraordinarily quickly considering the high quality.  With a dozen such men, one could rule the world.  Or at least code it.

I should put this into a LinkedIn recommendation, shouldn’t I?



  1. I worked with him before. He is very good but I wouldn’t call him great.
    Also, he can be difficult to work with.

  2. Glen, I don’t know you personally. There is no need for personal attack. I am definitely not on crack. I am simply stating my opinion and my experience. I bet I know his work better than you. You don’t need to agree. Maybe you should work with few other MIT folks before you use the word “Great”.

  3. I never saw this until your recent post about Marketo. Crash is definitely one of the most amazing engineers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

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