Hardware: Prices and Predictions (1996)

Are you looking to buy a computer?
Just take a look at this!

March 228 meg EDO RAM$220
April 98 meg EDO RAM$160

Is this insane or what?! Price have been falling for months and months. The question is: Will they go back up or will they keep falling?

EDO RAM is fairly volatile so keep a close eye on its progress, but this is certainly the lowest RAM has been … ever. Other hardware such as PC’s monitors, MACs, sound cards et cetera needs more specific predictions.

Personal ComputerBest time to buy: Early Summer
Prices are dropping like flies.
Iomega Zip DrivesSteady price – $200
The best new floppy disk around, Get it!
Internet BoxPrice – $500 (Predicted)
It is vaporware, It just isn’t going to catch on.
Upgrade to 32 megs of EDO RAM now!
MonitorMonitor Prices never move very much
Get a 17″ screen, it’s really worth it.
Video CardPrices don’t move around much.
Get 4 megs of VRAM! Nothing less will do on your 17″ screen.
Video Capture CardPrices go down slowly, buy when you need it.
Set yourself up for high quality color internet video conferencing!
QuickcamIt will be $99 for a long time.
Set yourself up for low quality black & white internet video conferencing!
PrinterPrices have been dropping while quality goes up!
Get color and you will never use monochrome again.
SoftwareBuy it when you need it.
I like Windows 95, sue me!

Whatya think?