Hercules, Bikes, Political Trading Cards

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So we set in motion the plan to buy the Hercules house.

If we are very lucky, it will double in value in a few months! Or a few years. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, Ethan rode his new bike this weekend. Its a 20″ bike and pretty heavy. He rode it about 4 miles around a track. He asked me all about how he can go faster. I told him: 1) Eat healthy, 2) Exercise, and 3) Ride his bike alot. If he wins the tour de France one day, this blog will be worth alot of money! Or not.

Lastly, I thought of political cards like baseball cards. I’ll trade you a Strom Thurmond 1958, for your Joe MacCarthy rookie card. Seriously.

My brother thought that a fantasy league would be good for politics. Who would have had Kerry on the their team before Iowa?

Whatya think?