Hosting UX Eye for the Developer Guy

The other day, Marketo hosted the first UX Eye for the Developer Guy Mid Peninsula edition.  For those of you who don’t know, UX Eye is a meetup of 30-50 designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and product managers.  The format is set up so 1-3 companies can demo their product and the group could do some pure unadulterated User Experience Design.

Last week, the demo was mainly for one product called SkyChatter.  We split into three groups and tried to solve important problems with the service.  We didn’t have engineers telling us that it was impossible.  We didn’t have executives and product managers trying to cut scope so we can launch sooner.  We didn’t have marketing people mangling the message.  It was blue-sky design; figure out something that would be great.  Everyone was interested.  Everyone was engaged.  Everyone brought their thinking caps.

We came up with some great ideas and designed some mockups on the whiteboard. I had such a good time.  It reminded me of why I love UX in the first place.  Taking broad ideas with flaws galore and figuring out how to turn it into something people would love to use is the food that sustains my spirit.  It moves me and makes my aura glow.   (Am I waxing too poetic?  Maybe.)

Anyway, I met some really smart people enjoyed every minute.  I hope that the next one is just as good and maybe even better.  Thanks to Luca Candela for organizing the whole thing.

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