How to Give a Great Presentation

I’m giving a presentation at this year’s  Marketo Summit.  The topic is how to give a great presentation.  This creates a conundrum.  If the presentation is not great, then the content will be considered suspect.  How can one trust that the lessons are solid if the presentation wasn’t awesome?  It certainly puts the pressure on.

The funny thing is that so many of the tips are obvious, yet no one does them.  How many times have you heard to increase the font size?  Yet every presentation I see the font is tiny and unreadable.  Why do people jam pack slides with a ton of information?  It so obviously puts the audience into a stupor.

My hope is that I can help at least one person give significantly improved presentations.  I like to keep the bar low.  Ideally, this presentation will change the world as we know it.  All presentations after that day will be wonderful and delightful, clear and concise.

Maybe somewhere in between?

Whatya think?