HTC Touch Pro 2 (Day 1)

I’m so nervous.  My first smart phone.  It feels so fragile.  I am so afraid of dropping it.  Ok, breathe…breathe….Go to my happy place….ahhh

OK, the phone feels nice in my hand.  Activating it was kind of a pain.  Verizon’s website is so awful, I can’t even begin.  I should have figured out how to get the contacts transferred over, but I just couldn’t seem to get the finish line.  I should probably go to the store and have them do it for me.

The keyboard is very nice.  It feels good and is easy the type.  It’s not cramped like a blackberry.  I turned on the option to make the keys go clicky clicky.  I like the sound feedback because it further enforces when the key is actually pressed.

The UI is a weird mix of Windows Mobile 6.1 and the HTC Flow3D UI.  Some of it is cool and some of it just bugs me.  The change in fonts, padding, iconography and other visual details throws me each time.  Maybe Microsoft should stop messing around and make a decent mobile OS?

I have been trying to customize it.  I can’t figure out how to make a MP3 file into my ring tone.  I can’t figure out how to make the LOCK feature a little less prone to unlocking in my pocket. I want to install the TomTom navigator app.  I want to install more mapping software, Yelp and other cool apps.

Clearly the apps are not as nice as the iPhone.  I have to continue exploring.  Battery seems OK, since I have been touching it and playing with it all day.

First day UX grade: B+

Lots of things made me happy, lots of things were confusing.  Overall, nice.   I will continue to experiment.

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