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I have been frustrated for years with Macromedia’s complete lack of support for Homesite. Even though it solves my problems, I do not like being treated that way. I want new Beta software, all the time! So I have been looking for something that is like Homesite, but actively being worked on.

Dreamweaver failed the test for 2 simple reasons.
1. The Advanced Find and Replace feature was HARDER to use, not easier. I use this feature all the time.
2. The left file explorer would not allow me to split the tree so that the folders were at the top and the files were at the bottom.

I am VERY picky about my html editors because I use it so often and I need it to be fast and easy. Right now I am trying HTMLPad 2005. It looks promising, I will update later. Also I am going to try Best Address HTML Editor. I tried TopStyle, which is great for CSS, but just doesn’t do what I need from an HTML Editor.

The BEST tool would have a JavaScript debugger built in, but that is just too much to ask. Maybe one day.

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