Huey Long Book Review

I woke up early this morning.  I didn’t want to wake up early.  I have no idea why it happened, but once I am up, there is no going back.  So I did some chores.  I cleaned the fish tank.  I added one additive that I am hoping doesn’t kill all the fish.  It was a bad idea.  I cut my hair with Robocut, which was a good idea.  I cleaned up a little and had time to finish reading Huey Long, by T. Harry Williams.  I really enjoyed the book.  Huey was a special guy.  He had a photographic memory and a world-class sense of people and their motivations.  He always knew the right thing to say and the right thing to do.  Unlike Lyndon Johnson, his gift wasn’t “listening at you”, but rather, “talking to you”.  People were mesmerized by him.  Moreover, he was saying things that made common sense.

Huey proposed to share the wealth of the nation.  He said that too few hands had too much money.  It was his message and political skill that got FDR to do something about the imbalance of wealth in the country.  Today, we are in the same dilema.  The mega-wealthy (billionaires) have 95% of the wealth of the country.  We need more regular millionaires.  The middle class is what drives innovation and happiness, not the privileged few.  Huey understood that people yearned for a better world, and that the rich were stompig on the necks of regular citizens.  He had the vision and much more importantly, the political skill to accomplish these goals.

Huey was struck down in his prime by an assassin’s bullet.  At the time of his death, he was one of the most popular public figures in America and possibly threatened to be the downfall of FDR.  I wonder what would have happened if he had survived.  How would he have affected WWII?  When he died, his last words were, “Please God, don’t let me die.  I have so much to do.”

I love reading books about special people.  It makes me feel like special people can exist in this world.  I think of myself as a special person, but not like Huey.  Huey was something that I wish could happen more in this world.  Ben Franklin was like this.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone of this caliber in politics today?  Someone to rally behind.  Someone with vision.

Whatya think?