I am an idiot

Cases in point:

1. I dropped Ethan off at school and lost Jared.  I started to panic and get frantic.  I went to the school office and they put out the APB.  He is quickly found.  Jared, where did you go?  He said, "I had to go poop!"  ugh. The other parents thought I was a bad dad.

2. I have been cultivating a beard for the past month.  I thought it looked good.  So I bought a beard trimmer to keep it at the length it was this morning.  Something went horribly awry. Cut cut cut cut.  No more beard.  I screwed it up so badly.  The whole fiasco spent so much time that I was late to help Katie bring Ethan to school.  So now I also misssed my carpool buddy. I should just shave my head like Cousin Bruce!  Ugh.  Now I look like Al Bundy.  I am 203 pounds now.  A big fatty is me.  🙁  Gotta stop eating.

3. I had to go to San Francisco for a meeting (north of my house) so I got on the Caltrain (which I normally take south.) I started to panic.  "I think I am going to the wrong way"!  So I get off the train in Hayward Park.  Then I realize, "No wait a minute, that WAS the right way!  Nuts!"  But wait, I could catch the next train which I knew was only 10 minutes behind the one I just got off.  So I wait.  ZOOOOOOOM!  The train whips right past me.  I check the schedule frantically.  It says that the train hits every stop, EXCEPT ONE.  it skips Hayward Park!  Can you believe it!?!  Katie had to pick me up and drive me into the city.

The only good news in all of this is that the Jets (despite trying to lose) WON against the Titans.  I was pleased with Chad Pennington and furious with the place kicker Nugent who missed THREE kicks.  Maybe their win and my idiocy are related?  Speaking of the Jets: God did not visit me this year.  He sent a telegram.  Here are the contents:

Glen. stop.
Jets. stop.
HA HA. stop.

2 replies on “I am an idiot”

Dear Glen.  Stop.16-0.  Stop.Superbowl in the bag.  Stop.Chad looked good, well pretty good (even against the worst secondary in the league.).  However, the RB situation is horrible and their defence still cannot stop the run.  But I will enjoy the good times (as the Jets will probably lose the next four games).  As of today, the Jets are in first place, http://www.nfl.com/standings, they are a playoff team, they are winners.  And even if none of that lasts, they will still be better than the 49ers.

Whatya think?