Iconography 2012

Iconography is a specialized talent. Working in such small confines making images that convey specific meanings.  Previously, I have heavily endorsed using IconExperience.  Over 2,500 icons in lots of sizes, with and without shadows.  It’s a cornucopia of excellent images.  They are very easy to mashup to create a nearly infinite set.

Recently, I have had to look at a new style for icons.  I remember the last time I did this and how many months it took me to get everything right.  I use alot of icons in general.  Now, I am constraining myself further by trying to use monochromatic images.  Look at this one example, the wrench:


The second image is just a zoomed in version of the original.  I tried 6 different wrench icons.  Notice how they are different in small subtle ways.  The angle, size of the head, dithering are all slightly different.  For much longer than I am proud to admit, I stared at these options and looked for more alternatives.  I agonized over the decision and ultimately chose the second wrench.

I only need to do that a few hundred more times and I will be finished.  Iconography…it is a skill unto itself.

Whatya think?