I’ve officially switched my allegiance from IconExperience to Icons8.

They did a great job for many years of having a comprehensive iconset in a wonderful system where you could find what you wanted. However, after the V collection, the next bunch of sets were pretty low quality. The O-collection is too chunky and ugly, the M-Collection was just useless, the I-collection was OK if you were making an iPhone app, but not for general purpose icons. The G-collection was nice, but the two-toned color palette rubbed a few people the wrong way. Also, if you zoomed the icons to be large, they didn’t look quite as good. It’s a very good attempt, imho.

Icons8 is a totally new approach to icons. No longer do you have a downloadable zip set that remains static until they release an updated zip. You have a cross-platform app that allows you to search and use icons, but it constantly syncs to the icon cloud. As such, they can roll out new icons much easier. I asked for a mailbox and a week later, there was a new mailbox icon in multiple styles. Nice!

The colored icons are the ones I like the best. They have a great palette and the details of the icons translates from small to big. They have all the sizes and formats I want (SVG) and they make it easy to search and manipulate. All-in-all, it’s a great service/system.

I’ve worked many years in the IconExperience family, but when I see something better, I have to change. Sorry guys.

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* You messaged us
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* Kept in touch until you got it
* And you wrote a generous post after.

Man, you can move the mountains. I can’t believe icon designers ignored you in the past, as follows from your 2009 post.

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