If you want something done right…

If you want something done right, your going to have to do it yourself.

The proverb has a long history beginning with Miles Coverdale in Matrymonye (1541): That whych thou cannest do conueniently thyselfe commytte it not to another.

I was talking to engineer who was distraught.  He was frustrated because he spent about 2 hours explaining to other people a task that could have been done in 1 hour himself.  He was further vexed by the fact that they were going about the problem in the “wrong way”.  (Of course, wrong is in the eye of the beholder)

Ignoring who was actually right or wrong, the characteristic is an important one.  Some people are good at “getting it done”.  I often feel this way myself.  Someone yesterday called me a “closer” (one who tries to solve problems and bring them to closure).  I am good at this.  My attitude is often one of problem-solving and not one of exploration.

To my wife, this stinks.  She is a wanderer/explorer/gatherer.  She wants to explore problems, not solve them.  This makes me crazy.  Somehow we work it out. However, in the workplace, which do you want?  Explorers, Closers or a mix of the two.

I could take the easy route and say “It takes a village, and different strokes for different folks.”  I am not going to say that.  I’ll say the opposite.  We need more closers.  Closers make it happen.  We need people who say, “If you want something done right, you are going to have to do it yourself.”  And of course, then they have to back it up and solve the problem and do it right.

What would the workplace look like with just closers?  Hmm, it might be total chaos.  Then again, it might cure cancer and world hunger. Hard to tell.

Whatya think?