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Recovered from – Apr 17, 1997 (One of my first design critiques)

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.0 is expected to be released in beta in just two weeks. The much anticipated upgrade to 2.0 will include many features NetscapeĀ holds a monopoly over. New functions will include Java support and an integrated email and newsgroup system. I have downloaded standalone samples of the mail/news programs.


Mail for Internet Explorer 3.0
It’s a HUGE improvement over trying to use Exchange to handle regular Internet mail. It has a nice look to it and easy to understand format although I felt that it still misses something. You can not have nested folders for storing email (neither does Netscape) which would make the application more user friendly. The view can be changed but very little else can be customized. I am hoping that the beta and subsequent versions will add some more functionality to the mailer which seems to be little more than a slick looking copy of Netscape’s built-in system. No support for multiple POP addresses or inline links in mail either.

I give it a B- for functionality and an A for improvement over lame-o Exchange.

News for Internet Explorer 3.0
This is the kind of application that makes the Internet more useful! A search engine combs through all the mess of the Usenet and picks out the groups you are looking for. A simple yet powerful interface allows you to pick favorite groups and search for new groups. Customizable window positions adds to its functionality. In addition to the marvelous search engine, this unnamed usenet reader has built in uuencoding/decoding capabilities. I strongly recommend getting this program even to use in conjunction with Netscape. I need to use it more to find some drawbacks.

I give it an A for design and functionality.

In other news:
CompuServe is expected to offer 16 million shares that should bring in as much as $480 million. Shares for the number-two online service are expected to sell between $27 and $30 each.


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