Internet Expo 96

Internet World ’96 kicked off yesterday in San Jose, California. Here are some of the myriad of developments that erupted from the West Coast conference.

  • Microsoft added new components to its BackOffice server applications but kept the price as is. The suggested price for a five-user license for BackOffice Server 2.0 remains steady at $3,500.
    Layman: NT servers will become more prevalent as opposed to Solaris, Unix or Novell.
  • Silicon Graphics introduced client-server technology for video and virtual reality applications.
    Layman: Expect to see VRML make a resurgence by mid 1997 with video enhancements.
  • OS vendors give thumbs up to Sun‘s Java.
    Layman: Java will be embeded into every major operating system (OS/2, Windows and MacOS) within 18 months giving a new perspective on cross-platform development.
  • Macromedia announced its own Java boost in upcoming versions of shockwave.
    Layman: Web sites will soon have cross-plugin attractions. Macromedia with a java applet embedded and a real audio clip on the side. Macromedia is still in the best position to become the standard in multimedia on the web.
  • MFS Communications will acquire Internet service provider UUNet Technologies in a $2 billion deal.
    Layman: Mergers, mergers. With all of these big alignments in the making and huge conglormerates forming I am beginning to feel like I’m driving on a bridge and a 18-wheel semi starts crowding me in. Keep a close eye, a lot of money will be made and lost in the next 5 years.

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