Jared’s new name should be Echo.

Sample conversation:

  • Daddy: Jared, It’s time to get dressed.
  • Jared: It’s time to get dressed?
  • Daddy: Yes. Come on, get your clothes on.
  • Jared: Get my clothes on?
  • Daddy: Yes. Let’s go downstairs now.
  • Jared: We go downstairs now?
  • Daddy: Yes, come on let’s go. We are running late.
  • Jared: We are running late?
  • Daddy: Yes, be a good boy, let’s go.
  • Jared: I am a good boy?
  • Daddy: Yes, let’s GO!
  • Jared: (starting to look upset) Let’s go?
  • Daddy: Yes. Don’t be a bad boy, come on.
  • Jared: I am a bad boy?! (now he is crying)
  • Daddy: No, if you come downstairs, you are a good boy.
  • Jared: (crying) I am a good boy?!?
  • Daddy: Ugh. (I walk over and pick him up and bring him downstairs) Where is your jacket?
  • Jared: You are looking for my jacket?
  • Daddy: Yes. Where is it?
  • Jared: Where is it?
  • Daddy: (long sigh)

This goes on all day long.

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This makes me so happy. i could just read it over and over (and i have).
can i send this to a magazine and see if they want to publish it? Your blog just doesn’t have a big enough audience (yet).
ps, your camera works just fine- you want it back?

You must have the expressed written consent of the National Football League to copy, reproduce or otherwise distribute content from the blog. With that said, I will refer you to my legal department at the firm of Lipka, Schikza and Lipka. Do not get implied verbal consent! You MUST have expressed written consent!

What camera? The 35MM? It works? Well aint that a kick in the nuts? No, keep it. HAPPY HANUKAH! [See Hanukah Heya].

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