June Democratic Debates Night 2

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Woof! That was a different night indeed. The first night was pretty boring by comparison.

The big moments belonged to Kamala Harris (“That little girl was me.” and “People don’t want a food fight, they want food on the table.”) and Mayor Pete (“I couldn’t get it done.”) Truthfully, I wouldn’t mind supporting a Pete-Kamala (or Kamala-Pete) ticket. However, rather than analyzing the whole night, I’ll make some short predictions.

  1. Biden AND Sanders support will start to droop in the next 30 days. The primary beneficiaries will be Harris, Mayor Pete, and Elizabeth Warren.
  2. Although I really, really, really want the field to winnow, I have doubts anyone will drop out in the next 30 days.
  3. I’m really hesitant to pick a winner right now, but fortune favors the brave. Umm… Mayor Pete! No Harris! Umm. Jeez, this is tough. Not Biden for sure. Ugh, I don’t know.

The next two-night debate is in 30 days with the qualification rules being the same. So expect a repeat at the end of July. However, September will change the rules. You need significantly more support to make the cut there. Likely, it will cut the field in half (give or take).

I’m the kind of person who looks in the back of the book to see the ending before I read the book. I don’t like suspense. I just want to know what happens and then I can enjoy the journey. I wish I could just know how the next 10 years plays out and then I could relax and just live my life. Does anyone know what will happen? Please share.


  1. Nice article and captures my feelings exactly 😉 I have never voted for Harris before despite voting in California; I am trying to keep an open mind this go around.

  2. How come the centrist candidates aren’t making “elect-ability” the most important thing in the race. “As Democrats, we should understand that America is a great and diverse country with lots of different believes and ideals. Do we want to do what President Trump is doing and totally dismiss half the country? Or do we want a President that reaches out to moderate voters? Do we want to have slow and steady progress, or do we want to lose another election and see another four more years of lies, corruption and a megalomaniac as President? Do you want want a moderate Democratic or Trump? Because if you want to win; can all candidates with no experience, live in NY or California, tried to speak Spanish during this debate, and are proud to be radically left, please just leave the stage. You can’t win! I can win because moderate and independents needs an alternative they can live with.

    (Why can’t Pete Buttigieg speak with a Kennedy accent).

    1. I don’t think a moderate is more electable. 40% on the left and 40% on the right and 20% in the middle. The team that gets their base energized the most will win. Putting up a moderate will actually depress the base. Examples: Gore, Kerry, Hillary. Obama didn’t need to be a radical because his identity was radical by itself. Kamala Harris could replicate that. The moderates can not.

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