Just Dive In

So many people hesitate.  So many people over-think the problem.  The first secret to getting things done is to dive in.  So many projects stall because the first steps aren’t taken.

It’s like pushups.  Getting down on the ground is the hardest part.  My brain is begging me not to even get on the floor. Because once you are started, then momentum takes over.  Momentum is so powerful.  All you have to do is get started and you will find the rest becomes easier.

Obviously, this strategy will yield mistakes because we aren’t thinking things through.  Here is the second secret to getting things done: assume you will have to redo it.

Seriously, it’s ok to throw things away.  Some people throw one away on purpose. You learn through building the first one.  The experience is more valuable that just thinking it through.

Excellent employees move the ball forward.  They accomplish something each day.  Make every day count.  Just dive in.

Whatya think?