Kicking out my Windows 7 Google traffic


Apparently my 15 month old post on Windows 7 BSOD is the #1 ranked post on Google for the search query “blue screen of death windows 7“.  A ridiculous amount of my traffic goes to that page.  Like 30%.  I don’t want this traffic.  The page had like 40 comments.  People kept asking me to help with their computer.  I don’t want the attention.  Really.  Plus it kept messing up my google analytics numbers.

So today, this guy asked me for help using the widget on the right and I said, “Enough is enough”.  I changed the status of that page, plus 5 others that were about Windows 7 or Office 2010, to “private”.  They are no longer available.  I am hoping that Google takes me off that spot.

Now you might be asking, “Why not put some ads on that page and make some money?”  Yes, that is true.  But I already took the pages down, and I am way too lazy to do anything about it now.  Where were you 5 minutes ago when I started this rant?


I’ll monitor the analytics and see if Google takes me off that spot soon.

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