Killing IE6 Gently

I saw this cute wordpress plugin to encourage people to upgrade IE6.  I installed it and it seems to work nicely.  Recently, I have been thinking about IE6 because we are developing a application and they officially support IE6.  Therefore, we need to support it in that environment as well.

IE6 used to be my dream come true.  There was just one browser on the market.  I only needed to test in IE6 and I was done.  Lots of great things got developed during that period of time.  As a web developer, we needed a break and IE6 dominance gave us that time to relax.

Now, however, I want to do more.  I want to build a full fledged JavaScript application that works as fast as a desktop application.  I want it all and modern browsers, along with JS libraries like ExtJS get me closer to that goal.  One thing standing in the way is Internet Explorer 6.  It’s clearly outdated and needs to be put down.  It’s up to us all to be harsh with IE6 users.  Trick them, convince them, encourage them.  Do whatever we can to push them over the cliff.

The sooner we can kill IE6, the sooner we can move on to a better web.

One reply on “Killing IE6 Gently”

Well now, to be honest, my work requires me to run everything in IE6. Yes it’s horrible, but the ExtJS guys have done great work making sure everything still works in it.

Whatya think?