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Busy weekend as usual.  Worked more on the book.  It’s moving along.  In the book there are lots of “examples” that I am mocking up.  I find myself making them way too complicated.  I believe that any page can have dozens of small details that make it smooth and perfect.  Each one is small in and of itself, but when you add them all up it’s too complicated for a book.  Maybe a follow-up book would be, “The Perfect Form” and just build all those details into one perfect form.  Anyway, I have been trying to strip down each example into its barest essentials.

The progress is going well, and I expect to be through the first iteration in a month.  After that, I will have to edit, edit edit and then work on illustrations and screenshots.  We just sent off the contract today to the publisher.  It’s all very exciting.

More great news:  AjaxExperience invited me to speak in Boston as well as San Francisco.  This was shocking, since I am not a well known personality and they haven’t heard my presentation.  I might BOMB!  But it’s all very flattering and exciting.

Also, the jQuery Evangelism team asked me to join the executive revolutionary committee.   My head is swelling as I write.  I feel like 2007 has been a great year so far.  I just hope I can capitalize on the recent events and make the most of them.  I am worried about a karma backlash.

Personal news:  Matthew fell off the coffee table and cut his head.  Katie started screaming at the other kids, “WHAT HAPPENED TO MATTHEW?!?!?”  She was in a complete panic.  I took Matthew into the bath and washed his head.  It was a centimeter cut and needed two stitches.  I took him to the hospital emergency room.  He was such a good boy.  Happy, talkative, engaged. In the hospital, he said, “Daddy…this is so exciting!”  He was an angel the whole time.  He said to the doctor in his cute Matthew raspy way, “I was on the table.  Then I slipped.  Then I had blood.”

Played Tennis this weekend again.  Lost.  Man, I stink.  I am in such bad shape.  My elbow is hanging in there though.


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