Little Things

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The new RoboCut arrived (the old one broke when it tried to cut Jared’s thick hair). I cut my hair this morning and Katie says it looks good. I also cut Matt’s hair. His face looks alot bigger now. Tonight, it’s Jared and Ethan’s turn.

Tom Delay retired from the Congress. I am happy, because he is a punk. Yet, I feel that he broke the law and may not have to pay the price. He will be a power outside the congress and probably break the law even more. The rich and powerful get away with it almost all the time.

I recently made a business trip. We rented a Nissan 350Z. I didn’t drive it very much, but it was sweet. Huge power and when you turn, it turns. It had slightly more ‘style’ than the Sienna. Maybe I could trick out the Sienna with flames on the side?

Ok, here is the funny part. It was dark when I left for the trip. When I got to the airport and had to take my shoes off for the security thing, I noticed that I made a mistake. I had one brown shoe and one black shoe. I felt like a total doofus. The good news is that no one (I think) noticed. No one looks at your feet apparently.


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