Lllll – ipka

Jared has recently learned to pronounce L. He emphasizes it in every single word. “Daddy, Can we go pLlllllay tennis?”
“My name is Jared CoLllllle Llllipka.”

He also started teasing Ethan about it. Ethan says W instead of L. Wipka. I don’t think it is a problem. He will certainly grow out of it. I am concerned that he will get it in his head that he speaks incorrectly. I want Jared to stop teasing him. Trying to be supportive, I am slowly working with Ethan on using his tongue. He made the right noise today, but I want to make sure he doesn’t stress out about it.

Am I being too soft on him? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel Katie is too soft on them. I never wore a helmet. I played in the street as a tot. I ate bees for breakfast. And I turned out ok. I think. Well, maybe I could have turned out better. Maybe if I wore a helmet, I would do the dishes more often.

Anyway, watching Jared pronounce L is so cute.

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