Look who’s Talkin?

Matthew, last night, started saying Baaa, Baaa. It was a high pitched sound, and he said it quietly. I haven’t heard him make this sound. Katie came over and thought it was funny too. I said, “Maybe he is saying Bath.” Katie said to Matt, “Do you want a Bath?” He immediately squealed his delight and started stomping his feet in a happy dance. He wanted a Bath. Good Boy!.

Regularly, when I change him, he says, “Diaper”.

This morning, we were playing tennis and a woman with a dog came by. He ran over and started petting the dog. He said, “Dahh”.

I love when they start talking. It’s so much fun, even after two other boys.

Other news: The Jets TRIED to lose yesterday. Bollinger wasn’t “good” but I have seen worse. Is Vinny going to QB next week or what? I am so demoralized. The Jets are over the salary cap, our QB situation stinks. We need a miracle.

One reply on “Look who’s Talkin?”

I was hard to tell if Bollinger was capable because it seemed like he followed the following instruction, “hand the ball off a lot, don’t turn the ball over, don’t throw down the field, don’t think”. And he did that, which was a horrible plan. I would give Bollinger the whole season to figure it out. The teams needs a few weeks to see if he can play and if he sucks, well the season will be over anyway, so why not keep with him. Eli Manning sucked last year and is not playing very well. However, if I’m the Jets, I’d trade Curtis Martin for a late 1st round draft pick. Playoff contenders like Dallas, Minnesota, Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina, and Denver could all use him. By the way I’m going to the Jets game this weekend.

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