Macromedia Madness

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Macromedia is kicking ass!

Just after releasing a new shockwave version with streaming audio and porting the popular plugin to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Macromedia has struck a deal with Netscape. In the next version of Netscape Navigator (4.0), Shockwave will be bundled into the package, most likely making Shockwave the most popular plugin on the web.

This is more important than many people may give it credit for. Java has been out for a year and has still failed to gain popular use among the majority of web sites. Shockwave, which is based on the multimedia authoring tool Director 5.0 is easier than programming and can be just as robust, especially when it comes to multimedia and animation.

I predict that 75% of high profile sites will come standard with a shocked movie by the year 1997. Furthermore, the web will gain momentum in advertising revenue and investor capital through the increased excitement about web possibilities that Shockwave will bring.

Do not underestimate the power of being bundled into the most popular browser on the net. If Java had never been bundled with Netscape, Sun Microsystems would be a minor player on the net at the very best. With Shockwave bundled next to it, I forsee more shocked sites than Java sites by the time the browser gets out of beta.

Buy stock in Macromedia (MACR) right now. Director 5.0 sales are going to go through the roof. (Editor’s Note: We are not responsible if you lose your shirt!)

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