Make or Break

In many ways, I feel the theme.  Make or Break.  I am reading in my book on Lyndon Johnson how he stole the 1948 Senate election. (Stole, bought, whatever).  I feel professionally that theme in my head.  And of course, the Jets are about to meet their destiny in a stadium in New Jersey, Sunday at 1:00pm EST.

The Jets will host the Chicago Bears.  Considered one of the best teams in the league, the Bears are favorites to win the SuperBowl.   it seems like they are unbeatable.  Thee jets can’t possibly win!  They can’t!  or Can they???!?

Oh yes, they will win.  I know it.  In fact, they will win by more points than has ever been scored in football in a shutout game.  Final Score: 79 – 0 (11 touchdowns and a safety)

Record: 64Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati, Nov. 6, 1934

This is the time.  This is the game.  The Jets will achieve their destiny.  It’s Make or Break.

Whatya think?