Martin Luther King Day 2014

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Racism is alive and well in the United States. ¬†African Americans are at a disadvantage in many categories. ¬†This includes how they are treated by the law, corporations and education. ¬†Plenty of studies have proven that African Americans have serious disadvantages that come directly from government and legal policies. ¬†(Example) ¬†Racism isn’t as explicit as it used to be, but in many ways it is worse.

Take this horrific example from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. (no link on purpose)


Sarah Palin clearly thinks that racism doesn’t exist (or wants to pretend it doesn’t). ¬†I don’t see President Obama playing any “race card”. ¬†I just see a racist woman using her celebrity to sow hate and discord.

This isn’t about UX so much, but MLK deserves a little something for his troubles.


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