Money & Ultra SCSI-2

Originally posted March 25, 1996

The newest innovation in hard drives is the Ultra Wide SCSI-3. Quantum is releasing a 1.2 gig version along with some higher capacity drives. Seagate and other manufacturers are also expected to release SCSI-3 compatible drives. These drives will have a 40 meg burst transfer in addition to astronomical RPMs and infinitesimal seek times. Basically it will be your everyday run of the mill wet-dream hard drive.

The most surprising thing about these drives is the price tag. The drives themselves aren’t expensive. 300 dollars for a 1.2 gig SCSI-3 hard drive from Quantum. The annoying thing is the controller card. If you already have a SCSI card, it’s not going to work. You need the new and improved SCSI-3 card which runs in the $200-$300 range. The good thing is that it is backwards compatable; SCSI-2 devices will run on the new cards. The bad thing is it runs in the $200-$300 range.

Is it me or is that weird? $300 for the drive and $300 for the controller card. Even with the new fangled math that you can do with scientific calculators, that still smells like $600 for a new drive. Hmmm, money…cool stuff….money…cool stuff.

My business partner today is having her usual money pangs. We would like to run our business and never spend a dime and have million dollar sales. (Us and the rest of the capitalist world.) I’d like to make a quick point even if its not news…

Risk is part of life.
Money is part of a business.
You need money to live.
You need to risk money to succeed in business.

The way to know if someone is serious about a business is to see if he/she is risking their own money. If you are serious about your business, you have to risk your money.

And besides, who the hell wants to live 100% risk free?

By the way, Ultra SCSI-3 is cool but it isnt worth 600 bucks, wait two months.

Whatya think?