More Gmail Spam Recently

Lately, alot of spam has not been getting caught by Gmails filters.  I get a TON of mail that ends up in the Spam folder.  So much that I don’t even check for false positives.  But lately a bunch has been sliding through.  The weird thing is that it’s totally non-sensical mail.  Take this one for example.  I get stuff like this every day.


Obviously, I cant read this, so I click the View translated message link.  I end up with this:


Office rent in Moscow??  Seriously?  Someone who has office space in Moscow feels like he needs to send his email to every single person in the whole world?  I hate to tell him this, but first, I don’t speak Russian and second, I don’t want office space in Moscow.  That’s absurd.

It’s crazy that this problem can’t be solved.  Gmail can’t even recognize the characters in Russian to make a sensible filter.  The spam issue is really depressing.  We need a change.

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I never go through my spam filter on gmail, there is just too much in there. It would be better if there were different layers of filter, such 99% sure it’s crap, 95% crap, and so on. You are right about the Russian thing. They have a default language already in there, just get rid of emails from more than 10% characters from another language. To be fair, my gmail filter works very good or it is having false-positives because I only get 1 or 2 spam messages a day into the inbox (unlike hotmail, which is 5X worse).

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