Most Viewed YouTube Videos 2016

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Out of curiosity, I looked at the most viewed YouTube videos. The distribution looks like this:

That first one is Gangnam Style. This is a song, I am very familiar with. Why is it so much higher than every other? Good question. I do not have a good answer. In fact, you get music videos for almost the entirety of this list. Justin Bieber has 3 on the top 30. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have 2 each. Psy has #1 and #28. They are all music videos except for 2 exceptions …

These are videos meant for kids. In other words, parents put the video on and sit a kid in front of it. Instant baby sitter.

The funny thing is that I really am not familiar with many of the videos on the list. They have been viewed over a billion times and I wouldn’t recognize most of them at all.

I tried to figure out how much money the authors made off the videos. It is totally unclear. There are conflicting reports between almost 1 million and 8 million. The information is a little old at this point.

In general, YouTube is not a great way to make money, although I think it has inspired a generation of kids to think about entertaining people. This is a good thing. It’s preparing them for the future.

In the future, most of the economy will be dedicated to entertaining people. – Ray Kurzweil. (Paraphrase)

Bo Burnham made this point at the end of his new special called Make Happy. Interesting times…


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