Moving Day

Its 6:30am on moving day. The quiet before the storm. I am excited, but the funny thing on my mind is Keyboards, Laptops and Televisions.

Keyboards. My co-workers say that I type too loud. I “attack” the keyboard. I think it is just the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard I am using. I need to find a quieter keyboard. I will let you know what I end up with. Suggestions are useful but it MUST be ergonomic. No flat keyboards.

Laptops. We are scaling back the office and giving Ethan the main computer. So I need to have a primary computer for home stuff. I use this to test out all kinds of software and also to do random administrative tasks as well as edit some video, albeit rarely. I want it to be fast enough to run longhorn. The real question on my mind is whether to get a 64-bit chip or a Pentium M. The Pentium M has a large (2meg) cache. The 64-bit chip is obviously going to run the OS in 64-bit mode. The thing I fear is 32-bit emulation being too slow. Has anyone run Windows 64-bit? Please chime in.

Televisions. As of right now, we have no television. We need one for the bedroom where we have TiVo and one for the living room. We are debating a “hang it on the wall” flat panel LCD or a stand up in the corner, 12 inches deep, LCD. Both look great. We are going to wait until we move and then decide. So maybe tomorrow we will see if there are any fourth of July sales.

I am excited for the future.

Whatya think?