Moving the Ball Forward

I was thinking about the problems I try to work on each day and the time I spend on different types of tasks.  Sometimes I am dealing with people and their issues.  Other times, I am trying to get consensus on a decision.  Lastly, there is just plain vanilla hard work that has to happen.  Illustration below:

I believe that a good manager helps you focus on the hard work.  The other parts, if left unchecked can become a bureaucracy.  Sometimes, I think I am in the way of other people doing the hard work.  No one is blameless on this.

I imagine a world where decisions and people happen quickly and the hard work moves the ball forward for all of our goals.  The world could be alot better.  It just takes the right decisions and alot of hard work.

One last thought:  Sometimes the decision doesn’t matter.  It could be Option 1 or Option 2.  (Of course, it usually does matter, but go along with the gag!)  In these cases, be decisive, break through paralysis and get to the hard work.  More often than not, it will lead to good things.

Whatya think?