MS Streets and Trips 2006

I installed Microsoft Streets and Strips 2006. Every complaint I had about 2005 has been fixed. They introduced voice directions, keyboard shortcuts, dynamic zooming, aliased lines, and much more. Bravo Microsoft. Good software.

Someone asked me why I blog. He thought it showed some level of egotism. Although I certainly have a strong ego, I believe I blog because I am trying to create a record of my life for my children to have when they are adults. I wish that my parents or grandparents had kept diaries of their lives.

How much do you really know about your siblings or parents or grandparents? Would you like to know more? If the answer to the latter is yes, then you should keep a diary or blog because one day you will be the grandparent of someone else.

Imagine a world where everyone wrote down a few sentences each day. Imagine how that would change dating?

Whatya think?