My Dream Prototyping Tool 2017

Here are the requirements for my dream prototyping tool:

There are some that are mature and cross-platform like Axure, Justinmind, Balsamiq, MockPlus, Figma and Microsoft PowerPoint. However, the two that are not are Adobe Experience Design (XD) and Sketch. I clearly need it to work both in Mac and Windows.

Has symbols (reusable components)
This is crucial. Tools like Adobe XD and MockPlus have this, but PowerPoint and others do not. (Come on Microsoft, listen to me!) It’s essential to speed up design time to have these sorts of embeddable elements.

Links / clickable prototypes
Adobe XD and MockPlus have this decently, with the exception of symbols not having reusable links. Invision does it, but it’s a separate tool from the designing. Figma is missing this key capability. It’s a must-have.

Usable in real-time by multiple users
Figma is kind of awesome on this front. They are the only ones with this feature. If you work with a team of designers, this is killer. You can have a central master prototype and work on different sections at the same time. It all publishes the prototype to the cloud. I love this capability. It’s closer to the way engineers with their code repository like Git.

Easy to use
Axure and Justinmind, sorry; you guys are terribly complicated to use. I don’t need all the bells and whistles of Javascript. Just keep it simple. But not too simple like Balsamiq. Keep it in the middle. Goldilocks!

Modal layers
Simply, I use menus and modals.  I want them to popup when I click something. Modals are in every single desktop software design. Allow for it. Ideally, allow me to even have transitions on this layer so I can have a part of the screen slide into place.

Scrollable areas
MockPlus does this well. They define scrollable areas so the prototype can have long content.

Nice interactivity with comments
Invision does this well. You can comment on the designs and give feedback. Having comments tagged to versions would be helpful.

Bring it all together
So start with Adobe Experience Design for usability, but cross-platform, with real-time collaboration like Figma and symbol management like MockPlus, plus interaction on the web with comments like Invision.

That’s all I want. I’m willing to spend approximately $500 per year per person on this software if it did everything above.

All I want is everything. Is that too much to ask?

Whatya think?