My Google AdSense Month

After 30 days of having ads on the right of my blog, I now have data that shows how much money I could make with Google.  It was really difficult getting analogous information on the web, so I hope this is helpful to other people.  I am going to disclose the exact stats and money here.  A whopping $5.28!

Click on the image to see the full stats.

So the question is:  Should I keep the ads or get rid of them.  On the one hand, they make me feel like a sellout.  On the other hand, $5 is $5 and I didn’t have to add any work to get it.  Hmm, Pasha, an engineer who sits in front of me is pressuring me to keep them and write more blogs about mesothelioma.  I need to ask Katie and the kids their opinion.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

6 replies on “My Google AdSense Month”

I don’t think they take away from the site at all. I’d keep them. However if you choose to keep the adsense account, you’ll likely want to remove the screen shot of your earnings, as it’s a violation of their TOS. (Item 7b)

You should try to correlate the > $1 days with what drivel you wrote that brought in the ad-clicking-suckers. Then tailor your blog to attract more of them.

Don’t take them down. You have CTR of 0.18%, which is 10-15 times below average. You need to use your UX expertise to tune these ads to perform better and improve the CTR.

I agree, you should keep them (I never noticed them there either). Your blog is very useful and I assume you want to increase your audience. Ad Sense is just another tool that you can use to measure how you are going.

Whatya think?