My Nightmare Wrist Timeline

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My wrist adventure has just been a nightmare. I want to chronicle it so far.

Date Doctor Prognosis
Sep 2014 Me I hit a tennis shot funny and my wrist hurt. I said, “Ow!” – Unbeknownst to me, I tore ligaments in my wrist.
1 week later Doc #1: Kaiser She said it was a sprain and suggested not playing for a few days.
2 weeks later Doc #1: Kaiser General Practice She says sometimes sprains take a few weeks.
Oct 2014 Doc #2: Kaiser Specialist Original doctor gives up and refers me to Doctor #2. He takes X-Ray even though he says it won’t show anything. It doesn’t.
 Nov 2014 Doc #2 Orders MRI – results are inconclusive. No problems found.
 Dec-Jan 2015  Doc #2 Back and forth emails. He suggests avoiding tennis for the rest of my life. He sucks.
 Jan 2015 Me I search for another doctor. Lots of research.
Feb 2015 Doc #3: Stanford Medical Doctor suggests putting it in a cast for a month to see if it heals. “Immobilize it!” (This is out of Kaiser’s network BTW)
Mar 2015 Me Cast off, still hurts. Damn it! Gotta find another doctor inside Kaiser.
Apr 2015 Doc #4: Kaiser He suggests a cortisone shot.
Apr-Sept 2015 Me No pain! Love cortisone. However, cortisone only MASKS the injury. I played tennis all summer and probably made the injury worse.
Sept 2015 Me Ow, starting to hurt again.
Oct 2015 Doc #4 Let’s try cortisone again.
Oct -Dec 2015 Me Doesn’t feel as good as the last shot. I can play a little, but it degrades quickly. Around this time, I switch jobs and get a new healthcare package. No more Kaiser.
Jan 2016 Doc #3 at Stanford again – in network He says he can’t find the problem, so the only answer is arthroscopic surgery.
Jan 2016 Doc #3 They perform surgery and put me in a soft cast for 2 weeks while the swelling goes down. He confirms the problem was ruptured ligaments and cartilage. He had to do alot of repair and add 2 metal pins to hold it all in place.
Feb 2016 Doc #3 Hard cast put on for 6 more weeks.
Mar 2016 Doc #3 Cast removed and pins removed.
Mar 2016 Occupational Therapist Rehab begins. They said it will take 3 months I can barely move my wrist. I am improving my millimeters per day.
Now Me This is the time of the blog post. The lack of exercise (and pain in my wrist) has made me really irritable. I am annoying other people.
Jun 2016 Me Predicted time I can play tennis gain. Hopefully.
Jul 2016 Me Scheduled date for Karma to give me my next injury. (Sarcasm)

So that’s about 18 months so far and about 2 years from injury to recovery.  Getting old sucks. MRIs aren’t very helpful. Many doctors don’t really know what they are doing. I think it feels better to have at least wrote down the history.


Whatya think?