My WordPress theme

I have been getting tired of my WordPress theme. I have zero time to do anything about it.  However, I saw a theme that I kinda liked.  It’s called Lemon Twist.  It uses PNG files very nicely.  It’s got jQuery and jQuery UI built in.  The mouseover effect on the right is nice.  Rounded corners, of course.  I really dig the comments section.  The author’s comments are in white.  Overall, I really like it.  I found it on SmashingMagazine.

So I was thinking of installing it and then making some mods.  I’d have to change the logo of course.  Adding in the kids would be a good idea.  The colors are actually quite nice.  I like the green.  It makes me feel like it is an economically friendly theme.

Any opinions?  Of course, I have no time to modify so this is all moot.

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