Negative Posts

My wife often tells me.  Never say anything bad about anyone or anything ever.  And ESPECIALLY not in print, email or blog.  She is wise.  It reminded me of the first days of

I am starting to copy in those posts and edit the timestamp to match the original.

Hmm, I wonder why my old posts look so jacked up from wordpress.  anyway…

There is something about opinions in print that make people feel it’s important.  I usually babble on about random stuff and stay positive.  But once in a while something deserves “calling bullshit”.  The previous post, although it stirred the pot, also got the words RTFM and RTFS removed from the FAQ.  I consider that a significant thing.

I remember when Mark Ghuneim put my Billy Joel page live from the floppy disk in November of 1995.  The lightbulb went off my head.  Who am I to be putting something in print???  It’s a great thing for everyone on the net.  I say, use your voice.  It wasn’t always this easy.

Whatya think?