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I just received this this email from the Netflix founder.  After receiving the previous message about the hikes in the prices, I lowered our subscription to the $10 a month level. After this email, I lowered it to the $5 a month level.  If they send me one more stupidly conceived email, I am going to pause the service altogether.

What is wrong with them?  It’s like they are stuffing their foot as far into their mouths as humanly possible.  That email looks like complete marketing bullshit.  They are changing the name of Netflix to “Qwikster” and making Netflix the “streaming only” option.  Don’t move my cheese like that!  I didn’t sign up for some lame Qwikster bullshit.  If you want to start a new company then call it Qwikster or whatever you want and don’t bother me.  Now, I need to start calling it something new?  I don’t want to do that!

Plus, they keep missing the point on streaming.  I am fine with it if it had the damn movies I want to watch.  Right now, Netflix has a fraction of the streaming movies as they do DVDs.  Until that balance is even, I don’t want to even talk about streaming.  It’s a waste of my time.

Ugh, how can a service that is so popular and so good turn so messed up and bad?  What the heck is going on over there?  Who is running this goat rodeo?


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  1. I don’t blame Netflix at all. Part of the reason why the streaming selections might be more limited than you would like is because the content providers who own the rights to them want more money than Netflix is able to provide. Hopefully by downsizing the DVD side of their business, Netflix will be able to provide the funds to get more movies and shows licensed to their streaming plan. They’re between a rock and a hard place with this, and I’m not going to abandon them just yet.

  2. Oh, you’re exactly right there. I guess they’re not wanting to antagonize further their content partners, however, who are looking for any reason at all to drop Netflix support and start their own streaming things.

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