New iPad OS – Worse

My iPad asked me to update the OS. Unfortunately, it changed a whole mess of stuff that made the usage worse. Everything seems more complicated. Some first day thoughts:

  1. I don’t want a more complicated dock at the bottom – I don’t want frequently used apps
  2. I don’t want to split screen
  3. I never ever want the video to play in a tiny window at the bottom. Never.
  4. I don’t want to 5-finger twist whatever gesture.
  5. I don’t want to pay money for iCloud so I can have apps that aren’t actually on my iPad.
  6. I DO want to adjust the brightness easily. I used to swipe up and adjust, now I need to tap 5 times in random places. Fail.
  7. I liked the Safari video controls on the top. I often watch the iPad while lying down on my back with the iPad on a pillow on my chest. Having the controls on the bottom make it harder to use.
  8. I don’t like Siri, fuck Siri. Sorry. “OK, Google and Alexa, can you get rid of Siri?”
  9. I don’t like the bizarre screen of recent things that I don’t know how it got there or how to make it go away.

On the flip side, the graphics look nice.

Ultimately, the product was doing fine for me. I didn’t need any new features. Sometimes, you just leave it alone and work on other products. People who wanted that shit are power users. Power users can ruin a product if you aren’t careful.

I’ll see if I get used to it, but right now I feel like Cynthia Nixon from Let it Ride.

I am pretty cheesed off about that jockey falling off that damn horse, Sid.

If you get it, I Iove you. If not, you are missing out on a great movie.

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