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New laptop just shipped for Katie. Finally she will be able to work on a laptop that isnt slow as can be. The one she has is a Toshiba Portege 7010CT, 300mhtz with 148megs of ram. Slow. The new one is a Dell D610, 1.8 ghtz with 1 gig of ram. Not too heavy. I am excited…for her! for her of course.

New GPS device from Dell too so we can look for houses and see where we are on the laptop in real time. I am excited to know where I am.

New House hunt is moving along. We have found a few places we thought were acceptable, but the inventory goes very very fast. You basically have to make an offer right there. It reminds me of apartment hunting in Manhattan.

New CEO. My company just got a new CEO. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m hopeful he will bring the company to the point it can be acquired for a billion trillion gazillion dollars. And then, with my stock, I can almost afford a tiny 3 bedroom in Palo Alto or Menlo Park. If I move close to Stanford, I would consider getting an MBA or Masters degree in something. Maybe Computer Science. Don’t know. School wasn’t much fun last time.

New Robocut. After two years, it finally broke. I ordered a new one. With robocut, haircuts for the children and I average about $2 per haircut. Pretty good savings if you ask me. The new one arrives on Friday. To my mom: I haven’t cut Jared’s hair in a while, that’s why it looks weird. Also he has cowlicks like me. What picture are you referring to?

New Shirts. I don’t have these, but I think I need a couple more.
New Pants. My jeans are looking very ragged. And so is my chino collection. I smell a trip to Men’s Warehouse!

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  1. Pictures dated 5-8-2005. #16 & 17. Jared sitting on the kitchen counter. Not a happy face! Looks like a buzz cut. Yo momma

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