New WordPress Theme 2013

WordPress is evolving alot.  I am running 3.6 beta 1.  The new add post page has all these “formats”.  I don’t quite understand them, but the icons look great.  (I wonder what they do!?)  I suppose I will try them over the next few weeks.

I also upgraded to the built in Twenty-Thirteen theme.  I tried to make some modifications and ran into a few problems.  It’s a cool theme, but I wish it had more customizations through the UI.

It is sad (maybe) how bad my web development skills have become.  There are so many things I used to be good at, but now are rusty or worse.  One day, maybe I won’t event be able to design.  Yuck.

How the heck did I get from New WordPress Theme to “I am old and that sucks!”?  Wow, my brain is a mysterious thing.

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Why do so many web pages leave huge margins on the left and right on the text. You only use 1/3 of the screen, plus you breaks between paragraphs are very thick. All in all, I don’t want to scroll down so often (or even flip my eyes to the next line (wow, that is a new level of lazy)). Unless you want to self-limit your text to fit onto one screen shot, which would be no fun. On another note, I just order fancy new business cards (I keep updating the design) and am requesting a UX blog entry on business cards.

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